Saturday, September 16, 2017

Birding in a Boat in Sri Lanka

At Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary in Sri Lanka we went on two separate birding trips that were two hours each.   Mom and I shared the camera and the binoculars most of the time and dad was usually holding Julia.  Here is a link to the official Kalamatiya website where you can arrange reservations and see operating hours.

The highlights of the trip were that it was so quiet and peaceful and we got a great look at Grey Headed Fish Eagle, a Pied Kingfisher.  Lots of Peacocks calling.  Detailed photo gallery can be found at Birds and Turtles.


  1. Sammy, love your blog, the pictures are wonderful.

  2. We had so much fun reading your blog, Sammy! We learned a lot and loved your photos! Tom's friends, Catherine and Juanita.

  3. Samuel What an impressive collection of journeys and adventuresAre you still adding to this site I hope so; gran