Monday, October 30, 2017

We ventured out under a beautiful pink and yellow Arabian sunset, which was just over the horizon.  It felt like we were surrounded by Crested Larks because we could hear their songs from all directions. 

We did not get a great shot of a Crested Lark, so we got in the car and packed up the scope and binoculars, and started to drive off from the desert scrub habitat.  When all of a sudden... I heard a call from outside my window!  I looked outside and saw a well-camouflaged pair of Crested Larks.  The Larks looked like miniature soldiers because of how well they blended in with their environment

This camouflage is important because of their need to avoid predators like foxes, which eat their eggs.  Crested Larks nest on the ground, so blending in helps them protect their nests.

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